Roger & Gallet L’Homme Men’s Skincare Available At Thompson Alchemists In NYC

48 hour Anti-perspirant deodorant

Owning Thompson Chemists, having three kids and a dog, poor time management and the vast selection of products in our apartment’s bathroom makes it challenging to form an opinion on merchandise. Frequently I grab the nearest item and use a mixed bag of bath products often scrubbing, washing, shaving and brushing all at the same time. We recently began carrying selected items from the Roger & Gallet gentlemen’s line.

I must declare it a gentlemen’s line because this aromatic, elegant, timbered fragrance can capture no other impression. You will definitely want your black Polo jacket, breeches, boots and preferred Weimaraner dog for this elegant scent. We currently are carrying L’HOMME Eau de Toilette and L’HOMME Sport Eau de Toilette. L’HOMME Eau De Toilette is a masculine and timeless woody fragrance and L’HOMME Sport is an energizing combination of grapefruit and Vetiver tea, with notes of wood and amber. This notoriously irresistible scent reminds you of the thoroughly adept cat burglar played by Cary Grant except you won’t need to travel to the South of France to attract your Grace Kelly, just South of Houston.

It’s time to shave and I just don’t have time to brush up a cream and foams are always so puffy without substance so I’ve learned to shave in the shower as the J.F. Lazartigue hair conditioner rolls down my face. Not very glamorous I know, but I’m a busy guy. Anyways, here we have the L’HOMME shaving foam that is so incredibly thick and creamy, yet light and fluffy that you feel your skin become enriched and protected as you spread this aloe enriched mousse and razor like crème fraîche. The light airy fragrance made me want jump out of the shower and go chop down a pine tree. I can’t stop now!

So here comes the aftershave balm . With this manly scent my face was expecting a major sting. But I discovered that enriched with aloe and white tea, L’HOMME aftershave balm instantly soothes and moisturizes the most sensitive skin. Happy, healthy skin left toned and firmed and no the least bit oily since its instantly absorbed so you can blend in with the crowd relaxing on the Côte d’Azur or down here in Soho if like. See you soon.


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Sama Perfumes Providing “Good Vibrations” at Thompson Alchemists

Sama fragrances are made of essential oils that vibrate the soul

When a fragrance molecule enters our nose it is met by millions of smell-sensing receptor cells. Each of us have our own distinct molecular makeup and within each molecule lies infinite particles or waves (or strings) working together like an orchestra. In the same way that each element of an orchestra affects the sound we hear, the way our molecules interact with the molecules of the fragrance is wholly unique; and like a concert our scent is exclusive to a moment in time.

The essence of aromatherapy, at the quantum level, is connecting the pure extract of the flower, fruit, wood, or herb with our own molecular vibrations in order to produce a pleasing harmony. Good vibrations are the essence of life. It’s what keeps us flowing, happy and healthy. The Beach Boys said it best, “… I hear the sound of a gentle word, on the wind that lifts her perfume through the air …”

One afternoon at Thompson Alchemists the wind blew in a young couple on vacation from France who introduced us to  Sama perfumes and cosmetics. I guess they picked up on the loving good vibrations that Thompson Alchemists emits (even with the door closed, burr). Anyway, we are pleased they came in and if you stop by you’ll be able to experience their lovely product line, Sama, inspired the principles of ayurvedic medicine.

The artisan perfumers of Sama use ancestral techniques of distillation in order to keep the tinctures purity and vibrance alive. They extract the precious scents of the earth in their purest form and pour them straight into beautiful tightly sealed glass bottles. Once released from the bottle with a single spray synergy begins onto your body and into your soul.

Pick-up a bottle of Sama in-store or online today!

Sama makes vibrational perfumes that free your soul