Relieving Women of the “Pink Tax” and Gaining Recognition

Jolie Alony, the owner of Thompson Chemists, has been gaining recognition.

Sites like Gothamist have picked up this issue

Your Neighborhood Pharmacy and So Much More

Thompson Chemists, your go-to destination for finest health and beauty items on the globe.

Thompson Chemists

Thompson Chemists has been providing residents of SoHo , New York City accessibility to the finest beauty and wellness items from around the globe for over two decades. Our uniquenessis parallels our attentiveness to individual customers requests. Staying true to our motto, “if you don’t see it ask for it” has allowed us to create a
retail experience customized specifically on enhancing the wellbeing of its surroundings.

Thompson Chemists is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our surrounding communities.

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Thompson Chemists, Run by Humans

Thompson Chemists has been running on ham an power for decades . Stop by our independently owned mom and pop pharmacy and wade through a plethora of hard to find health and beauty items from around the globe. Thompson Chemists is Soho’s neighborhood pharmacy located at 132 Thompson Street Soho, NY 10012

Up Front with Frank Rothstein

This coming Monday on Up Front With Frank Rothstein….
When they are not posing on the Red Carpet Gary & Jolie Alony are the owners and operators of Thompson Chemists in the South Village / SoHo, NYC. This week they are returning to the show to express their views on the current status of the pharmaceutical industry and we will be talking about the recent ZZ Top concert we attended. Join us on Monday night at 9:00 pm Est. Call us and join us. or the Tune In radio app.
Call In # – 212-631-7553
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Twitter – @UpFrontFrankgaryandjoliealony