Barrett Pall, Life Coach and Personal Trainer, Loves Thompson Chemists

Barrett Pall life coach and personal trainer local at his favorite local pharmacy. Thompson Chemists is located at 132 Thompson Street (between W. Houston and Prince)

Thompson Chemists has been providing Soho , NYC the finest wellness and beauty products from around the globe.  Barrett Pall inspires the world spreading a positive message a life coach, personal trainer.  The ultimate match!

Where else would you go to find all your personal care items in one spot?

Have you experienced Thompson Chemists? Thompson Chemists is the ultimate custom tailored wellbeing and beauty supply store carrying hard to find items from around the world.


Wayne’s World in New York City


A veteran New York City resident will travel anywhere for the right product at the right price. New York City veteran love there special items form their special shops, you know the type tucked away on those one way up, down east or west, they’re the best.

Thompson Chemists has been helping Soho NYC residents since 1994

“Sixteen Tons” – Thompson Street Medicine Show

“16 Tons” is a hardship song reflecting the tone of American coal miner workers ( late 19th early 20th century ) These tough individuals offered the companies they worked for 100% of their labor force an were paid with notes of debt they incurred through “living expenses. Since the Company Store was the only game in town they were in constant debt to their employers.
Sheriff and the Deputy​ and friends deliver a traditional tone that is deep and sorrowful as a hard hitting blue collar character is molded by the realities of corporate greed. The character is forced to become rougher and tougher in his own world while the truth of his position seems to be an eternal inescapable debt to the Company.

Have You Heard The Latest Conversation?

Thompson Chemists means “family”


Thompson Chemists has been providing the Soho NYC community with a loving family feeling for decades. Visit Thompson Street and experience what Soho NYC residents have known for decades; Thompson Chemists is the place to find the finest health and beauty items from around the globe.