All Eyes on Talika

All eyes on Talika!

Can’t help but love the entirety of the Talika line, but the beauty products we cannot get enough of:



Eyelash conditioning gel

For luscious curls and more defined color, Talika’s Lipocils Expert is exactly what we have been waiting for!!! The conditioning gel coats your lashes, allowing the each lash to relish complex mix of five plant and silk proteins, which support the densification of eyelashes.

Best used twice a day before applying mascara.

Insider tip: use foam tip to get those small, hard to reach lashes.



Lash conditioning cleanser

Regular eye make-up removes pale in comparsion to Talika’s Lash Conditioning Cleanser. This oil-free, gentle, and  unique formula uses gentle cleansing agents along with cornflower water to soften, tone, and refresh skin while silk proteins help nourish and improve the structure of lashes, making them shinier and more supple. <insert heart eye emoji> because we are in love!

Best used by applying two pumps on a cotton pad, sweep across eyes–no need to rinse after!




Puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles have met their match with Talika’s Eye Therapy Patches! These reusable patches use blend of ceramides, essential oils and peptides to instantly eradicate signs of aging after a single 30-minute use!

Best used by removing the backing and apply to clean skin. Save backings to reapply after use. Apply each patch from the under-eye area to where crow’s feet begin. Leave for 30 minutes. Remove patch and store for reuse.

Insider tip: Store patches in the fridge for an additionally cooling effect during application!




Thompson Alchemists Line

Our all natural soaps are made with natural olive, coconut oil, essential oils, and shea butter, leaving skin hydrated, clean, and happy!

Thompson Alchemists Brand soap shampoo lotion conditioner

Did you not know that we have our own Thompson Alchemists line of soaps, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion??

Well now you do!

Our all natural soaps are made with natural olive, coconut oil, essential oils, and shea butter, leaving skin hydrated, clean, and happy!

Our shampoo is a soothing blend of cucumber and chamomile extracts with the invigorating properties of sea kelp, citrus, and green tea.

Our conditioner hydrates your locks with a light-weight aloe vera formula that keeps your hair soft, repair damages, without weighing down your strands. It’ll also soothe with cucumber extracts, sea kelp, citrus, and green tea.

Our body wash cleanses with the herbal infusion of cucumber, ginseng, and green tea, and moisturizes with avocado and shea butter.

Our body lotion nourishes your skin with sweet almond oil, shea butter, and avocado infused with cucumber and ginseng.

So fresh, so clean, so naturally based. Thompson Alchemists has you covered!






Sunny days are here at last and sunblock is an essential! Sol-Avert is the ultimate UV defense sunscreen because not only is it made from natural, broad spectrum ingredients but it’s also incredibly light weight. You already sweat enough under the sun’s rays, why add an extra layer to your face? Luckily Sol-Avert is completely oil-free and leaves your face with a shine-free shield of SPF 30 protection.



If only erasing skin imperfections was as easy as whiting out mistakes on a piece of paper. Well now it is, with White Out: daily under eye care! This under eye creme is formulated to target puffy-ness, eye bags, and dark circles. It’s Chirally Correct blend helps improve cellular respiration, fight inflammation, detoxify, protect, and stimulate collagen! Wow science!



All that washing and rubbing and everyday wear and tear, can leave our skin  sensitive. Supermild to the rescue! Maybe it’s not the most epic super hero name, but Supermild’s gentle, smooth, and luscious nature makes it a super cleanser. It is formulated specifically to calm and protect but it also fights against premature aging with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich formula. (ps. it’s gluten free).


A Day of Beauty Everyday

In November of 2009 Thompson Chemists had just started to carry Leonor Greyl. Eager to try the line I took home some samples and spent a day pampering myself and snapping photos. See that original post here.

I try a lot of products for the store but Leonor Greyl has always been my favorite. Yesterday I cracked open a fresh jar of the Masque Fleurs de Jasmin and I was just so thrilled to go back to using it. The scent of Jasmine really does stay with you for days and my hair is smooth shiny and hydrated. 🙂

J.F. Lazartigue Tea Oil Delicate Conditioner to the Rescue!


Are you the kind of person who’s dyed their hair WAY too many times? Is your hair constantly getting tangled? Whenever you do your hair are you unhappy with the turnout? And, last but not least is your hair ALWAYS frizzy? Well, let me start with you’re not the only one.


Thousands of people all over the world are constantly complaining about all these things including myself. I used to think there was no solution to this that everything I use is just not going to work. Recently I started using the J.F. Lazartigue Tea Oil Conditioner and I have been so happy with the results, it fixed my broken hair and made it so much healthier than it was before. My hair is no longer tangled every five seconds and when I dry my hair it comes out to a beautiful curls as an end result.


Remember while using the J.F. Lazartigue Tea Oil Conditioner that it is NOT the kind of conditioner you throw in your hair then rinse out, you have to flip your hair and put the conditioner on your hands and comb through your hair, leave it in your hair for 3-5 minutes when you’re done doing that rinse it out and you will see the change in your hair within the first time you use it!


However, this doesn’t mean you only use it once, you need to use it every other day! You can find J.F. Lazartigue Tea Oil Conditioner and other amazing hair products in Soho NYC at Thompson Alchemists. Please comment after you tried this so we can know what you thought about the product!

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David Mallett

DAVID Mallett à Paris
A miraculous haircare product to beautify and reshape hairstyles

We love trying new things every day, whether it is foods or beauty products, different tastes and looks make everyday exciting! On today’s menu, I decided to try David Mallett hydrating hair care.  David Mallet hair products are new to Thompson Alchemists. It was one of our loyal clients that recommended David Mallett hair care to us. Thank you Allison we love the line!

David Mallett’s Hydration line adds moisture to normal & dry hair without adding weight. There are 3 products: shampoo, conditioner and a mask, that are fragrance free and wonderful for sensitive skin. The shampoo is for all hair types and works really well on hair that is over treated or if you blow dry frequently. The conditioner penetrates deeply into the hair, locks in moisture makes your hair strong and hydrated. It is made with vegetable protein and again I repeat doesn’t weigh down your hair. The mask needs to be left on for 5 minutes to work correctly. It is for hair that needs maximum moisture that is practically everyone! I used the shampoo, conditioner and mask today. My hair looks amazing, very light, and great shine.

A very healthy French treat leaving my hair light, bouncy revitalized. Great way to start my day!

Now available in Soho NYC at Thompson Alchemists & Thompson Chemists 

ELLE BEAUTY: Hannah Bronfman’s NYFW Beauty Picks – SIRCUIT SKIN cosmceuticals

September Guest Blogger Hannah Bronfman’s Weekly Beauty Picks


Guest blogger and DJ/entrepreneur/NYC gal-about-town Hannah Bronfman shares her weekly beauty obsessions.

“I have a habit of walking into any beauty store I pass just to check out what brand they have—since I like to recommend things to friends, I need to know what products are out there.

Recently, I stopped by Thompson Alchemists (just off Prince St. here in NYC) right in my ’hood. It was there I discovered WHITE OUT daily under eye care by SIRCUIT SKIN cosmceuticals.

I’ll confess: The packaging first caught my eye, but ever since I started using it, I’ve been hooked—it’s perfect for my late nights. And especially during #NYFW, I never get enough sleep.

I am always on the go: from shows and presentations to work meetings to after parties, so I need a product that keeps me looking refreshed.

This erases the bags under my eyes and acts as a good primer for any concealer. All you need to pair it with is a bold lip!”


Stay in touch with us for information on our next EVENT and discover more of Soho NYC ‘s favorite beauty products ….