What does Community Wellbeing Mean ?

“communication” is an essential part of community pharmacy. That’s not a “buzz word” for us it’s a primary instinct. Human beings are far more complicated then any algorithm could ever calculated. There is a health advantage here unique to this time, this place and the people involved.


Cure What Ails on Historic Thompson Street in New York City

“Thompson Street Medicine Show”

“the medicine man will cure what ails you ….

Just one place you have to go ….”


The NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission declared our area part of Sullivan-Thompson Historic District | LP-259
The area includes Thompson Street as a significant historic part of New York City landscape dating back to the mid-19th century.
Thompson Chemists, inc.  is proud to have always been included as a vital part of Thompson Street in New York City since its inception.

Sullivan-Thompson historic district in Manhattan
“the original neighborhood pharmacy”

“Sixteen Tons” – Thompson Street Medicine Show

“16 Tons” is a hardship song reflecting the tone of American coal miner workers ( late 19th early 20th century ) These tough individuals offered the companies they worked for 100% of their labor force an were paid with notes of debt they incurred through “living expenses. Since the Company Store was the only game in town they were in constant debt to their employers.
Sheriff and the Deputy‚Äč and friends deliver a traditional tone that is deep and sorrowful as a hard hitting blue collar character is molded by the realities of corporate greed. The character is forced to become rougher and tougher in his own world while the truth of his position seems to be an eternal inescapable debt to the Company.