Twitter giveaway? Rock n’ Roll!

Up to 10 lucky tweeters can each win one of these adorable rock grrrl tweezers by Paname!

This is a contest based on NUMBERS! The more people participate the more winners there are and the better your chances get! Invite your friends to participate to better your chances of winning! (see fine print)

To enter, follow Thompson Alchemists (@ThompsonAlchemy) on twitter and retweet our tweets over the next week. You must retweet at least 1 of our non-contest related tweets before the end of the contest on August 18th! If you already follow us, please mention us (and the giveaway #rockmybrows) in a tweet to enter.

Fine print:

If less than 10 tweeters participate no prize will be given. If at least 10 tweeters participate 1 prize will be given; if at least 20 tweeters participate 3 prizes will be given; if at least 30 tweeters participate 5 prizes will be given; if at least 40 tweeters participate 10 prizes will be given. That means you could have a 1 in 4 chance of winning! Contest ends on August 18th at 7pm.

Winner may choose their preferred tweezer. Tweezers can be picked up or shipped (free of charge) within the US. Retail price of Tweezer is $13.95. Rolling Stones record not included.

Tweet on rockers!