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Weekending in the Hamptons means it is time to bulk up on your skin protection.

Sun rays are brutal and account for 90% of premature skin aging–this means we must protect our skin at all costs to keep ourselves looking young and glowing all summer long.

Sun Block


Coola Sunscreen Spray Sport SPF 30

Coola’s organic sunscreen spray is the crème of the crop in terms of organic suncare. With fun and interesting scents like Citrus Mimosa and Pina Colada, this eco-conscious line is easy to apply and also comes with a variety of tinted, mineral, and BB cream options.

anthelios 60

La Roche Posay Anthelios Sunscreen SPF 60

The skincare line we already love, La Roche Posay, offers an extensive suncare line called Anthelios. This line is know for being light-weight and melt-in, avoiding those distasteful white streaks and the incessant need to rub one’s arm for a solid ten minutes.

solar rx

Keys Solar RX Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 30

Keys is the epitome of chemical-free, no-joke care. Although completely naturally based and free of chemicals, this sunscreen not only thoroughly protects, but moisturizes the skin as well. This line is perfect for those with extreme sensitivities and who are currently undergoing any sort of radiation or treatment.

Sun Repair


Biafine Emulsion

Burns have met their match–prescription strength in France, this emulsion puts aloe vera to shame. Biafine is a water-based solution formulated for the dressing and management of superficial wounds, minor abrasions, dermal ulcers, donor sites, 1st and 2nd degree burns including sunburns, and radiation dermatitis. ❤

coola sun repair

Coola Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion

Using a mixture of agave, aloe vera, lavender oil, rosemary extract, and sunflower oil, this ultra-moisturizing and deep-soothing lotion that uses organic Agave’s natural moisture binding mechanisms for environmental defense and calming sunburn. This miracle plant provides superior hydration and promotes collagen synthesis while offering UV protection and clinically proven relief from sunburn.

Hair Repair

sachuajuan after sun

Sachajuan Hair After The Sun

Sun rays damage not only skin, but hair as well. Hair becomes frizzy, unruly, and uncontrolled, but with a little help from Sachajuan, all of that is fixed. Sachajuan’s Hair After The Sun uses ocean silk technology to re-moisturize, highly condition, and restore shine to your luscious strands after sun exposure.

leonor greyl huile secret

Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beaute

Oh the luxury that is Leonor Greyl! Organic beauty oil for hair and skin. With delicate perfume of lemon grass, tiare and yucca, the composition of natural vegetable oils makes this multi-purpose product a source of beauty for hair and body. Includes UVA/B sun protection. Protect your hair and skin with this beautifully scented oil and rest assured that Leonor Greyl has got your back!


sircuit bronze

SircuitSkin Cosmeceuticals Sircuit Soleil Firming Mineral Self Bronzer

No self-bronzer comes close to SircuitSkin. No orange, but shinning golden skin! This oil-free bronzing lotion will give you a beautiful, golden glow and have you looking like you just returned from your island holiday. Moisturizing and emollient, this unique formula is quickly absorbed into the skin and spreads easily with a shimmering of a natural mineral pigment, ensuring you achieve an even application. A patented botanical firming complex, consisting of Terminalia Catappa Leaf Extract, Sambucus Nigra Flower Extract, and Tannic Acid, helps aid in the overall improvement of the skin’s appearance by firming and helping to boost the skin’s radiance.