Jack Georges Leathergoods (Emily’s got a new knitting bag!)

As soon as I saw the new Jack Georges Zip Top Totes I knew the slate colored one had to be mine. These extra large, limited edition totes are perfect for travel (from now on it’ll be my carry on!) and even better suited to my tendency to carry way too many knitting projects around with me!

Right now I’ve got my “Peachy Legwarmers”, my “Blueberry Hoodie” and 3 or 4 different swatches for future projects, all fitting comfortably in my new bag! And it’s a heck of a lot classier than my last beat up, worn thin, dirty, dingy, free-giveaway knitting bag!

My boss Jolie Alony has known all about Jack Georges and his fabulous leathergoods for more that 20 years, all the way back to her days working in her father’s luggage store. We at Thompson Alchemists are honored to carry a limited selection of his wonderful products, including the Spikes & Sparrow line, the extra large Zip Top Toes and a variety of wallets, passport sleeves and iPad cases!

Jack Georges stands behind the craftsmanship of his bags: each one comes with a warranty against defective parts or flaws. These bags are sure to please. Pick one up and you immediately sense the quality of both the leather and the craftsmanship. I’m certainly sold!

Jack Georges Zip Top Tote, Blue, $100.00 (Limited Edition, please call for availability)