The #1 Bestselling (and easiest!) peel ever by Dr. Dennis Gross

A while back the lovely people at La Bella Donna turned us on to the (wonderful) skincare line by Dr. Dennis Gross. Focused on preventing and reversing sun-damage, they also make the #1 selling at home peel, the Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel. There are a couple of things that set this peel apart from the rest of the pack. First of all, because it is meant for daily use it’s actually pretty gentle. It also focuses not just on peeling away the dull, dead, lackluster layers but also works to fight breakouts, calm redness and fights aging with antioxidants like Retinol, Ubiquinone, and Resveratrol.

I’ve been using it here in the store pretty regularly (although not daily…) and I’m solidly sold on it! I find it gives me better results than some of the 20-minute mask-style peels and it’s much gentler on my sensitive skin. Since I’ve been using it my smile lines have diminished and my pores are noticeably smaller.  Hooray!

And my favorite part about this product is how easy it is to use. Just two steps! And the pads come pre-moistened and ready to use! Perfect for a lazybones like me!

Step 1:

Wait 2 minutes:

Step 2:

Step 3 (SMILE!):

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Face Peel, 30-day, $78

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Face Peel, 10-day, $28