La Bella Donna and Me, Take II.

Last March I wrote a blog about La Bella Donna, a line of soothing mineral make-up that I had fallen head-over-heels for. Just recently they released a new Liquid Minerals line and I just had to give it a try. Like the Loose Minerals, this stuff isn’t just make-up, its good for your skin! Some key ingredients include Sodium Hyaloranate (tissue repair), Aloe, Fig (calming), Squalene (moisture), Thyme, Cucumber, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil (regenerating, anti-wrinkle and anti-scar), Sambucus Nigra Flower Extract (anti-inflammatory), Jaminum Officinale (just like Clark’s Botanicals!), and Ivy Extract (antimicrobial). All that good stuff means that it helps heal soothe and moisturize the skin while it covering up any blemishes you might have! Hooray!

I went ahead and completed the look with a touch of blush, eye liner, mascara and lipcolor.

What I’m wearing:

Loose Mineral Foundation in Marta, $55

Liquid Mineral Foundation in Marta, $58

Compressed Mineral Blush in Tangerine, $27

Eye Pencil in Brown, $22

Mineral Mascara in Dark Earth, $22.50

Mineral Light Lip Color in Nude, $24.50

Mineral Lip Sheer in Mandarino, $24.00

The texture is light and left my skin smooth and hydrated. Like the Loose Minerals I am very pleased to say that I can forget I’m even wearing it!


Author: Emily

Hunter college grad, MPH, long-time Thompson girl, crafty crafter, proud big sister.

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