La Bella Donna and Me

I have to admit that I love make-up. But I don’t wear it every day. Partly because I’m lazy. But also because as much as I love to play with make-up, I hate the feeling of having a layer of stuff on my face!

But that was before I discovered La Bella Donna.

La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup

La Bella Donna is a line of mineral make-up based around 4 simple ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Bismuth and Zinc Oxide. This means that in addition to evening out my complexion, La Bella Donna’s Loose Mineral Foundation protects my skin from the elements (it’s SPF 20!) and helps heal my blemishes. Titanium Dioxide provides the SPF while Bismuth (yup, as in Pepto Bismol) and Zinc Oxide work as anti-inflammatories; Iron Oxides provide color.

But the best part about the Loose Mineral Foundation is how it feels on my skin. I apply a light dusting over my whole face to take advantage of the SPF and “spot treat” problem areas where I need more coverage and it truly feels like I’m wearing nothing at all! No cakey make-up face for me! And unlike liquid foundations that tend to accentuate my smile lines (without a heavy dose of nasty chemical primers) the Loose Mineral Foundation stays smooth and natural looking all day long! And, unlike some make-up, it doesn’t irritate my extra-dry flake-prone skin!

La Bella Donna Makeup

So, just to re-cap, La Bella Donna’s Loose Mineral Foundation a) protects me from the evils of sun-damage, b) heals my zits, c) covers my zits and makes me look just a little bit prettier AND d) doesn’t give me that yucky I’m-wearing-make-up feeling!  Why would I not want to use it? So now I wear it everyday and my skin is healthier and happier than it has been in a long while. Talk about a silver bullet, La Bella Donna is it!

La Bella Donna Makeup review by Emily Walsh

Emily uses La Bella Donna Loose Mineral Foundation in Nicoletta, 0.35 oz, $50.00