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Anthony Logistics For Men Astringent Pads

Anthony: Logistics for Men

When I first laid eyes on this line, the name Anthony immediately grabbed my attention. The name was so simple, so bare, so hardy, and not to mention that it just so happens to be my middle name. As I began to read the Objectives and Strategies listed on the Astringent Toner Pad casing, I found myself thinking, this line could have all the answers to my facial needs. The Anthony pads tighten the pores, control facial shine, and leaves the skin feeling hydrated. These pads were to be used on a twice a day regiment and were most effective before facial cleansing or after shaving. Luckily for me, I barely grow hair on my face, so I never have to shave. That narrows it down to a twice a day schedule after my daily cleansing. Being a full time student, a part time photographer, and commuting from Long Island to the city on an almost daily basis, leaves very little time for me to indulge in facial care. The conveniency of the toner pads comes in handy, allowing me to freshen up and satisfy my bodies essential oils in a matter of minutes. The pads fit perfectly in your hands and leaves no sign of residue near your nose, hairline or under your neck. One of the essential things to remember once you do begin to use the pads, is too make sure that you keep the cover closed. If the pads are exposed to the air for too long, they will become dry and you would have wasted 60 pads, in 60 minutes lol. The Anthony line is a breakthrough for men in not only facial care, but also in full body care.I cant wait to see what they will come up with next !

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