Pump Up The Volume!

To Condition and Thicken All Hair Types

action restructuring shampoo is part of a new personal care product line brought to us by Anthony Logistics For Men. The action line is designed for men looking for a direct, straightforward and ultra-premium no fuss solutions for their everyday grooming needs. The restoring shampoo is intended to condition and thicken all hair types.
The hydrating, softening and conditioning properties are properties of the potent elixir from Opuntia Cactus, a prickly pear fruit thats sweet inside.

Wheat flour lipids moisturize and strengthen hair while the extract of Svetertia chirata, a medical plant inigenous to the temperate zone of the Himalayan mountains, help prevent hair loss.

Apply a small amount to wet hair, massage gently into scalp and rinse. The restrucuring shampoo will pump up your hair volume, repair, restore and add shine.

One step, no fuss. That’s what the action line from @Anthony4Men is all about!