A Lack of Temperance


Gluttony, over indulgence, and a lack of self control: although enjoyable during the time of consumption, these activities can quite uncomfortably affect the stomach. Citrate De Betaine has been the next day hangover remedy for years. Citrate De Betaine helps neutralize stomach acid in the form of one highly effective effervescent tablet dissolved in a glass of pure water.


EZC PAK – Echinacea – Zinc – Vitamin C

EZC PAK is specially formulated to help support your immune system


EZC PAK is a 5-Day tapered immune-support pack vitamin and mineral herbal supplement. EZC PAK may be taken with or without food. Follow the directions on the box and drink plenty of water for best results.


Soho – NYC Community Pharmacy

you want to experience

Thompson Chemists has embedded itself into the Soho NYC community, growing and changing with its surroundings while still maintaining the heart and soul of a true independently owned neighborhood retail pharmacy.

THOMPSON CHEMISTS is more than just a drugstore.

Thompson Chemists is an integrated part of its immediate community surrounding, allowing us to consistently modify our approach towards improving the overall wellbeing of our extended family:


Soho – NYC community.

Philip B Haircare Products

Julia loves her Philip B. haircare products

Philip B hair products are a favorite of celebrities and models from around the globe. Made of the finest natural essential oils, Philip B.’s special formulations will help transform your ordinary hair to give it super-star quality. PhilipB haircare items are available in Soho NYC at Thompson Chemists, located 132 Thompson Street “the original neighborhood pharmacy”.

Russian Amber Imperial Dry Shampoo is refreshingly lightweight Russian Amber Imperial Dry Shampoo is refreshingly lightweight.

Fun Summer Oils

Perfumed dry oil with orange essential oil

Huile Sublime Bois D’Orange from Roger & Gallet is a dry oil with orange essential oil suitable for face body and hair. Refreshing orange scent.

Huile Sublime is far more than a simple extension of this sensuous Mediterranean fragrance; it is a dry oil that can be usedon the face, body and hair.

It delicately envelops the skin in its heavenly summery scent,leaving a sun-kissed satin sheen that is both nourishing andprotective.

Huile Sublime Bois d’Orange is enriched with a number ofnourishing ingredients that help to moisturize, soften skin andprotect its vigor.

– Argan Oil prevents skin from drying out.

– Almond Oil softens the skin.

– Camelia Oil helps restore suppleness and elasticity.

Relieving Women of the “Pink Tax” and Gaining Recognition

Jolie Alony has been raising awareness of price discrepencies between the sexes

Jolie Alony, the owner of Thompson Chemists, has been gaining recognition.

Sites like Gothamist have picked up this issue