ELLE BEAUTY: Hannah Bronfman’s NYFW Beauty Picks – SIRCUIT SKIN cosmceuticals

September Guest Blogger Hannah Bronfman’s Weekly Beauty Picks


Guest blogger and DJ/entrepreneur/NYC gal-about-town Hannah Bronfman shares her weekly beauty obsessions.

“I have a habit of walking into any beauty store I pass just to check out what brand they have—since I like to recommend things to friends, I need to know what products are out there.

Recently, I stopped by Thompson Alchemists (just off Prince St. here in NYC) right in my ’hood. It was there I discovered WHITE OUT daily under eye care by SIRCUIT SKIN cosmceuticals.

I’ll confess: The packaging first caught my eye, but ever since I started using it, I’ve been hooked—it’s perfect for my late nights. And especially during #NYFW, I never get enough sleep.

I am always on the go: from shows and presentations to work meetings to after parties, so I need a product that keeps me looking refreshed.

This erases the bags under my eyes and acts as a good primer for any concealer. All you need to pair it with is a bold lip!”

 Source: http://www.elle.com/news/beauty-makeup/hannah-bronfman-beauty-sircuit-skin

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