Thompson Alchemists Candles

Thompson Alchemists Candles

Thompson Alchemists candles
5 amazing scents
available ex·clu·sive·ly at
Thompson Alchemists
& Thompson Chemists

The Thompson Alchemists team has just arrived back from Paris, France with a new addition! 

We have  five scents that have been designed exclusively for our stores.

  •  Caviar Blue             –  musk, and thyme – a marine energizing fragrance that gives a vacation feel.
  • Lounge                      – vetiver, wood, amber and sandalwood – a sublime & chic fragrance that will outweigh your senses. 
  • Madame Claude   – ylang, musk and patchouli – a sense of intimacy.      Floral and musky.
  • Turkish Delight   – honey, almond, and rose- a culinary journey.             So delightful!
  • Zeste                          – grapefruit, orange, corriander, berries, and roses.  A garden of Citrus.

These candles are made of all natural ingredients and burn down evenly and clean.

You’ll find these candles to be can burn for a total of 50 hours, but  should not burn for longer than 4 consecutive hours.

Always keep candles away from pets and the reach of children. Always place candles on a stable surface which is resistant to heat and fire.


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