INTERVIEW: Ingrown Hair Solutions

Our son has been suffering with ingrown hairs, since he started shaving his face.

We decided to share what we’ve been doing with a brief interview.

Jolie: You went to the dermatologist and she told you that you have ingrown hairs?

Jonathan: Yes, she told me that I need to take antibiotics for 10 days. My dad said before starting a 10 day treatment of antibiotics let’s try and use different products from our store instead first. I thought that was a better idea as I really hate medicine!

Jolie: What products are you using?

Jonathan: I am using Lavido facial cleanser for normal skin it is very light and soothes my skin. Anthony Logistics For Men Ingrown Hair Treatment is made with glycol and salicylic acid which removes the dead skin. This product also has lavender and willow herb which gives moisture to help not get anymore ingrown hairs.

Jolie: what are you shaving with?

Jonathan: I have been using MUSCO REAL shave cream from Portugal with an old fashioned double edge metal razor that shaves smoothly over the areas where my ingrown hairs were

Jolie: Before going to sleep what do you do?

Jonathan: I cleanse again with my cleanser and then I moisturize with the Lavido daily moisturizer which is very hydrating.

Jolie: Thank you Jonathan for your interview.

Jonathan: your welcome

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