Sircuit Sol-avert

sircuit skin sol-avert

It’s time to protect yourself from the sun!!

So many people blow-of using sunscreen!

I’ve been selling health and beauty products for so many years, and always hear,”Oh I don’t use that I have dark skin” or ”I really don’t go out in the sun.”

Applying sunscreen daily is important even with the slightest exposure.  Most parents don’t even apply it to children until after facing a bad experience where the child was at the pool or beach and now looks like a tomato.  Once acquiring sun damage it never truly disappears. Nowadays with people  getting more information about everything many are asking for advise.

One of my recommendations is a sunscreen made by SIRCUIT cosmeceuticals. The product is Sol-avert SPF30, ultimate UV defense. This sunscreen absorbs easily into your skin. It is a shine free sunscreen that supports the mitochondria DNA. Sol-alvert also gives additional antioxidant protection against free radical damage. Sol-avert sunscreen is specially formulated to increase hydration and elasticity, and also calms irritated skin. You can wear Sol-avert under make up as well. Sol-avert  sunscreen works for everyone from sensitive skin to post- treatment patients. Sol-avert is oil-free, lightweight and eco-friendly