Mocha Loca from Sircuit Skin

Mocha Loca form Sircuit Skin in Soho

Mocha Loca 4% chocolate lactic acid peel from Sircuit Skin cosmeceuticals is enriched with powerful antioxidant ingredients like Horse Chestnut, Green Tea, Grape Seed Extract and Astaxanthin.

Everyday free radicals cause valuable skin cells and tissue to get damaged by increased mitochondria oxidation. Anti-oxidants when applied to the skin decrease the rate of oxidation there by slowing down the destructive chain of events. Astaxanthin is derived from micro-algea phytochemicals  known as carotenoids. Studies have shown that astaxanthin’s effect on reducing the oxidation on the mitochondria is one hundred times stronger then that of vitamin E.

Sircuit Skin mocha loca is supercharged with astaxanthin and soothing Zinc Oxide leave you with a beneficial  radiant complexion. Great for dry sensitive skin.

This product is a BEST seller and a STAFF PICK!

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