Retail is Detail

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Retail is changing throughout the world everywhere we turn we see lifestyle stores, flagship stores and other accelerated industry changes demanded by technology empowered consumers. These changes may seem unprecedented due to their vigorous pace but overcoming them comes down to one factor:


Thompson Alchemists is constantly embracing changes in consumer habits within our community as well as the expanded internet retail landscape. Our brick and mortar stores listen, understand, and assess the changes consumer habits within the Soho NYC community. We promise to always grow and evolve with the constant alterations in our communities wellness and beauty needs.

Stop by Thompson Alchemists and enjoy the finest products from around the globe. Enjoy organic, locally farmed freshly baked from Bread Alone, organic skincare products produced through self-sustained farming, fine perfumes, mirrors, brushes and much more. And remember if you don’t see it ask for it because we believe that