100% Badger Shaving Brush

Joris and Pisson
100% Pure Badger Shaving Brushes from France

100& Badger Hair Shaving Brushes

100% All Natural Badger Shave Brushes for Mens from Joris & Plisson of  France

are available in a variety of styles.
mens shaving brushes from Joris and Plisson

The classic comfortable shaving brush handles from Joris and Pisson are hand made from highest quality of metals, horns and wood.

100% badge shaving brushes from Plisson and Joris  These brushes become a long lasting part of

a gentlemen’s grooming wardrobe.100% natural shaving brushes from Joris and PlissonStop by Thompson Alchemists at 449 West Broadway in Soho NYC and examine our selection of hand made 100% pure badger hair shaving brushes.

Joris and Pisson shaving brushes are made of 100% pure badger hair
The Travel Shaving Brush from Pisson is shown in the center