Getting Grounded with Nordic Wood

Philip B Nordic Wood Body Wash
Wash and moisturizes hair and body while invigorating your mind

The time in between Thanksgiving and New Years has an increasing feel of enchantment as Fall, a romantic season, inspires the coziness of Winter.

Holiday Spirit is in the air! Emotions are flying high!

 I enjoy keeping my senses  grounded by waking to the openness of the northern hemisphere with the  scent of Atlantic Cedar and Norwegian Spruce while steam opens up my sinuses. Philip B has bottled this feeling into Nordic Wood, an invigorating hair & body wash. Made with pure botanical extracts, camphor and eucalyptus Philip B Nordic Wood will stabilize your day during an this energizing time of year so you can stay grounded and focused.

Philip B. Nordic Wood travel size makes great stocking stuffer!

Nordic Wood One Step Hair and Body Wash
Invigorate your mind and body with the aromatic scent of the clean, fresh, green forests of Scandinavia.