A Cleanser by Any Other Name

Gentle Pureness Micellar Foam Cleanser With 3 Roses

Winter in NYC can be so graceful with the slushy streets, the common cold, the gray sky, apartment steam heat, and dry skin. Not a very rosy picture and every lady could use a rose to make her feel special. Fortunately I had Nuxe’s Eau de Mousse Micellaire aux 3 Roses within my reach.

I found a new meaning to the phrase “wake up and smell the roses” NUXE’s soap-free foaming micellar cleanser left my skin soft, clean and moist. Immediately after dampening my skin the rosy aroma instantly enriched my morning. The presence of 3 soothing roses as well as being 81.9% natural without parabens or phenoxyethanol adds to its gentle purity.  Suitable for sensitive skin and perfect for removing makeup, it allows you to end your day with same grace it began.

I can’t thank

NUXE enough for

formulating such an

original enriching product

helping make everyday a good day!




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