Elays Cosmétique Pure Clarity Facial Cleansing Mouse

Elays’ Cosmetique Pure Clarity is a light fluffy, French mousse. It foams, suds and bubbles so like a freshly popped bottle of “bubbly” Champagne which is completely appropriate since it is made of 5% Champagne. In addition to being delicious, champagne is a powerful anti-oxidant loaded with anti-aging properties that thoroughly moisturizes. Its other ingredients include certified organic grape leave extract which possess it’s own anti-oxidant activity that protect and revitalize. Finally, cornflower water soothes and calms irritated skin.The tiny pleasurable bubbles that foams out of the dispenser gently cleanses your skin and lathers on in a heavenly ,airy froth.

Gently apply this light cleanser that is ideal for dry and sensitive skin since the mousse was formulated to minimize any allergic reaction and even helps reduce inflammation of eyelids due to dust and pollution.

Pickup this alternate administration route of Champagne at Thompson Alchemists at 449 West Broadway SOHO NYC 10012.

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