Elays Cosmétique Natural Skin Care Flowing From The Vines Of Champagne Onto The Shelves Of Thompson Alchemists Just In Time For NEW YEARS.

Happy New Year! POP the cork and let the Champagne flow all over your skin and let it take away all those horrible toxins while its at it. To say we are in high spirits about introducing Elaÿs Cosmétique, the only true Champagne skin line at such an appropriate time is an understatement. After all, what could be more apt than Champagne to celebrate the New Year?

The benefits of Champagne go way beyond holiday happiness. The introduction of this luxurious skin line containing 5% of this fabulous fermented beverage from the Champagne region of France allows us to discover its’ intense active effect on our skin cells. Scientific studies from researchers demonstrate the beneficial cosmetic properties of this cherished component as it behaves as a powerful antioxidant.

Mixing Champagne with certified organic grape leaves creates a synergistic effect on the skin leaving it fresh and radiant. Champagne intensifies the elements of the organic grape leaves by stimulating the activity of polyphenols, anthocyanin plant pigments, tannis, flavoids and vitamins. Based on studies done at the University Of Relms in France, the active elements bring unparalleled benefits to the skin. Components such as alphahydroxy acids (AHA) provide a moisturizing effect, help in cellular renewal and rebuilding damaged skin tissues. Allowing you to look stimulated, restored and refreshed…all in time for the New Year.

As if you need more reason to try this great line, we have a beautiful gift box that holds three full sized bottles of the lines bestsellers. A sumptuous smelling hand cream that absorbs right into your skin, a lavish moisturizer that’s jampacked with antioxidants and revitalizes your skin, as well as a very special facial balm that we only sell in the gift box.  And of course, in the spirit of everything being made with champagne it comes with the most exquistique 375 ml bottle of  the bubbly and wondrous  Champagne.

Enjoy and Happy New Year…