It’s a Dogs Life

pamela hugging rego barks the Thompson Alchemists mascot
a picture of REGO the dog relaxing and with his friend who is holding holistic bath salts and a thompson alchemists candle
the better way to relax

Dogs and humans have a symbiotic relationship dating back beyond historic records. Dogs ( and wolves) predict what humans will do next by reading their body language as well as remembering trained responses. Both species respond to physical contact.

Dogs and humans mutually make each other feel less anxious, connected, protected and loved. It’s a natural way to increase a calm, positive happy feeling that can often increase abilities to think, learn and interact with others in a more peaceful non-threating way.

Natural healing is the way to go. Science changes our lives through medical advancements and through learning how our bodies naturally work. The goal of healthcare should be to integrate this life saving knowledge and attempt to constantly improve the quality of life.

Aromatherapy is one of many helpful natural treatments for both species. We should embrace advancements in science and build on the knowledge of past-down healing remedies. Essential oils, herbal extracts, mineral therapy, physical contact, eased communication and many other traditional forms of healing that “medicine men and women” continue to recommend are often ignored due to a lack of scientific research. The ignorance attached to these successful ancient remedies are often ignored and not studied due to lack of financial incentives. Of course that is not in anyway an excuse to ignore benefits of natural, inexpensive “mom and pop” remedies.

this community believes in natural healing
this community believes in natural healing