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Lavido Nature Skin Aid

Nature Skin Aid

Made by Lavido

By Maya Alony

When I was in Israel, my parents took me to visit Lavido. Lavido is in the Nahallal Valley. A gorgeous place with lots of flowers! It smells awesome there. I was so lucky to have had the chance to meet Ido, the owner of Lavido. Ido was talking to me all about the products that he makes and the ingredients that he uses. I told him that I am allergic to everything and so it would be impossible for me to use Lavido. He then told me that he was sure that I could try his products since I wasn’t eating them! I was nervous to try them but he was so confident that I would be fine. This was a difficult decision, so I asked my dad. My dad said go ahead try it!

I have eczema and my skin has discoloration and small pimples due to the eczema. Ido recommended that I try his Skin Aid. At first when he put it on my arms, I got really scared because my arm started getting really red and I felt like it was going to break out! Well, that didn’t happen. My skin color started changing back to normal and the pimples started disappearing. This product is like a miracle. I use it everyday since I came back from Israel and the appearance of my skin is so much better. Everybody notices the difference since I feel comfortable in short sleeves again. I love my skin!

The amazing ingredients are: Shea butter, Evening Primrose Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Black Cumin seed, Soybean Oil, Compfrey, Sunflower Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, and Linalool.

The mixture of everything has given my skin relief. I can’t wait to try other Lavido skincare products now!