Start Young, Stay Young with BENTA BERRY Skincare

Benta Berry skin care products in Soho

Benta Berry France is an all natural skin care and fragrance brand exclusively dedicated to young skin from all 5 continents created by Marie-Pierre Schmitz. Young boys and girls don’t know how to take care of their skin, as everything changes during the years of adolescence.

After many years researching Benta Berry was created and suits teens of all ethnicities.

Benta Berry designed for today's multi-cultural teenager is available at Thompson Alchemists in NYC
Benta Berry is cool and minimalistic just like toady's youth

 There is a preventative three step box set for ages 12 to 24 with a separate line for boys and girls since their skin is so different.

Facial car pack for boys for complete facial skin care from the BENTA BERRY 3-step skin-care program:
1. a facial cleansing wash
2. a facial purifying exfoliating cleanser
3. a super moiturizing face cream

BENTA BERRY’S 100% natural  G-1 line is a 3 step treatment for troubled adolescent skin that produces excess sebum due to stress, pollution, growth & chaotic life style.

Marie-Pierre Schmitz created the cosmetic line BENTA BERRY exclusively for youth aged 12 to 24 years available at Thompson Alchemists in Soho NYC
Benta Berry G-1
  1. cleanser: pineapple, mango, lime, and virgin coconut oil.
  2. scrub: pineapple, grapefruit, raspberry, strawberry, lime and apricot kernel beads
  3. hydration: cream consists of: Apple, Indian fig, strawberry, kiwi, kigelia Africana, and macadamia oil.

BENTA BERRY also has created a 100% natural deodorant for teen boys and girls with alum stone, natural witch hazel, water and sage. It is alcohol and paraban free.

 BentaBerry 100% natural deodorant for teen boys and girls is availabel at Thompson alchemists in Soho NYC
Alcohol-free and paraben-free formula, this deodorant is enriched with the natural properties of alum stone, which protects skin and fights perspiration

The alum stone is a natural derma-protecting anti-perspirant ingredient. Sage is used to control perspiration.

Last but not least there are two perfumes one for boys and one for girls; they are amazing and also 100% natural.

Benta Berry has created 100% natural fragrances for teen boys and girls
Benta Berry fragrances for teen boys and girls

BENTA BERRY fragrance for girls has a delicate  fruity oriental scent with hints of ginger, combined with a floral & fruity note of royal orchids and peach nectar that evokes the sweetness of exploring distant exotic lands.

BENTA BERRY fragrance for boys has a aromatic, woody scents that evokes distant travels. Fresh and vivid citrus, and are combined with the strength of cardamom and ginger with a final touch of cedar – balsam fir adding body to this masculine fragrance.