Apply a Coat of Karma

The way to this girls heart is simple: a bottle of beautiful nail polish. So, imagine my excitement when Thompson Alchemists decided to become a new home for the wildly popular Karma Organic nail polishes! I mean, lets forget for a second they’re organic and don’t have any icky stuff like toluene, formaldehyde and DBPs, look at these COLORS!


I've Got Good Karma!

From left to right we have: Sugar Coat Me, Pink Passion, Wrap me up in Red, Park Ave Purple, Monarch Masquerade, Magens Bay Blue, Midnight Passion, (Side Note: Yes, I’m aware that my thumb has a split personality, I couldn’t decide which color I preferred so I convinced myself that I can have it all and went for both. :-P), Darkest Desire, Matte Smoke, Silver Brocade, and Royal Fool’s Gold.

The line also comes with a pretty neat 2-in-1 polish that doubles as a base and top coat. A “Lavender RX” polish that serves as a cure for brittle nails, a nail strengthener and a cuticle remover. I was a bit dubious about the cuticle remover, but really all you have to do its dab some on your cuticles, let it sit for a minute and rub it off. All excess skin is gone! No longer are the days when I will have to sit and suffer through a manicure where someone is ripping off my skin with a torturesque instrument… Ah, the things us gals go through.

Last, but so not least, the Lavender Nail Polish Remover. This is by far the BEST nail polish remover I have EVER used. In comparison to your conventional acetone ridden Cutex that stinks to high heaven, I almost want to dab this stuff on my pulse points to wear as perfume. It smells awesome and it works. Plus, like the rest of the line — its organic.

P.S. My only regret: That I don’t have a third hand so that I could show off the rest of the colors we have. 😦 Oh, cruel world.

P.P.S. There is a totally cool GLOW IN THE DARK nail polish too. Perfect for raves and lightshows under the bed covers!