Hydrating eye lotion

When to use Blue Drops:
Blue drops can be used to relieve feelings of eye strain (tingling, burning, nagging pain, headache, redness) through its mechanical action which hydrates the cornea.
MIxture of distilled flower waters (cornflower, sweet clover, elder,camomile and hamamelis), methylene blue, azulene, benzalkonium chloride, sodium borate, sodium chloride.
Recommendation for use:
1 0r 2 drops in each eye, several times a day. Repeat 30 minutes between each application.
Storage conditions:
Store at room temperature, away from light and in the original package.
Do not use in the event of a known allergy to one of the ingredients.
Do not use if suffering from dry eye syndrome.
Do not use with other ophthalmological products

Available at Thompson Alchemists 449 West Broadway SOHO , NYC 10012


Author: Thompson Alchemists

Thompson Chemists is located at 132 Thompson Street Soho, NYC 10012 2125989790

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