Refresh Your Olfactory Receptors

We could all us  a lift throughout along day, a point to revive,  like hitting the  refresh button on our computer  and  saying “I’m recharged” . Of course a food break , a power nap, a walk around the block, an exercise break , everybody’s got their own trick. One of my favorites is spraying on refreshing scent, spending most of my time  at Thompson Chemists or Thompson Alchemists allows me that luxury .

Olfactory receptors stimulate a chain of amino acids that loop around our brains and stimulate messages from our past.  This explains the physical response we get from a fragrance we love.  An wakening response can often occur due to the mixture of flowery fragrances from the past.


Gingembre – Eau fraiche perfume – Ginger – Fresh fragrant water – Vaporisateur – Natural spray – 100ml – 3.3 fl.oz.

Bois D’Orange – Eau fraiche perfume – Orange – Fresh fragrant water – Vaporisateur – Natural spray 100ml – 3.3 fl.oz.

Bois d’orange fresh fragrant water, rediscover the magic of an olfactory journey to the heart of an Andalusian garden under the shade of the orange trees. Let yourself be swept away by the vibrant sunny freshness of the leaves and fruit, the sweetness of the flower and the soft, woody fragrance of the orange tree.

Bois d’orange fresh fragrant water can be worn in the sun.

Lavender royal – Eau fraiche perfume- Fresh fragrant water- Vaporisateur- Natural spray- 100 ml-3.3 fl. oz.

Lavender royal fresh fragrant water transports you to the heart of the undulating lavender fields of Provence. Rediscover the emotion of a fresh, aromatic scent rich in memories.


Author: Thompson Alchemists

Thompson Chemists is located at 132 Thompson Street Soho, NYC 10012 2125989790

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