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oud, oud, I need my oud! May 9, 2013

Posted by Jolie Alony in Skin & Hair Care.
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Waking up in a blah type of mood needs an instant fix in my book.

Hmm, a great hair day ought to fix the blahs.

So, I look towards my bathroom and spot the solution PHILIP B® Oud Royal hair products for a triple play!


Now that’s a change-up that’ll give my hair some relief.

     Start off with a clean wash using PHILIP B® Oud Royal Forever Shine Shampoo, the smell alone changes your mood to a happy one. I love this shampoo it has MegaBounce  leaving my hair feeling clean, thick and thirsty for PHILIP B® Oud Royal Forever Shine Conditioner  for intense hydration. I always try to comb through during conditioning and when out of the shower I turn my head over to comb through again getting any knots out.

     Now for the BOUNCE – CURL with Philip B. Oud Roral Mega-Curl Enhancer  and Oud Royal Gravity Defying Gel mixed together I squeeze together sections I want to emphasize while adding a tiny bit of Oud Royal Perfect Finish Shaping Fiber before the Blow-out!

My hair’s full  – BOUNCE – CURL – SHINE – & an amazing fragrance.

I feel royal now! My mood is happy. I feel special! This product is sulphate free and doesn’t contain sodium chloride. Come see all of the Philip B line available at:

Thompson Chemists and Thompson Alchemists.

D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y  a Staff Pick

 PHILIP B® Oud Royal Forever Shine Shampoo

Philip B Oud Royal Forever Shine Shampoo; the first-ever time-released shampoo for MegaBounce and shine that keeps on giving.

Getting Grounded with Nordic Wood December 7, 2011

Posted by Thompson Alchemists in Thompson News & Events.
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Philip B Nordic Wood Body Wash

Wash and moisturizes hair and body while invigorating your mind

The time in between Thanksgiving and New Years has an increasing feel of enchantment as Fall, a romantic season, inspires the coziness of Winter.

Holiday Spirit is in the air! Emotions are flying high!

 I enjoy keeping my senses  grounded by waking to the openness of the northern hemisphere with the  scent of Atlantic Cedar and Norwegian Spruce while steam opens up my sinuses. Philip B has bottled this feeling into Nordic Wood, an invigorating hair & body wash. Made with pure botanical extracts, camphor and eucalyptus Philip B Nordic Wood will stabilize your day during an this energizing time of year so you can stay grounded and focused.

Philip B. Nordic Wood travel size makes great stocking stuffer!

Nordic Wood One Step Hair and Body Wash

Invigorate your mind and body with the aromatic scent of the clean, fresh, green forests of Scandinavia.

Beach Waves For Me…Thanks to Philip B.! September 18, 2011

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Maui Wowie beach mist from Philip B

a day at the beach scent that works great for a late-afternoon revival

So the cold weather is getting to you? Well, you can still relive those glorious summer beach days withPhilip B’s Maui Wowie Beach Mist Spray!

Philip B Maui Wowie Beach Mist

Aloe vera, algae extracts and a blend of orchid, tahitian gardenia, kukui, and coconut help give your hair a healthy, voluptous feel.

Philip B Maui WOWIE

create a unique style by spraying evenly and adding your own personal finesse

Step 1 – spray a generous amount of the Maui Wowie Beach Mist.


Maui WOWIE beach mist from Philip B

Tada! Beautiful Beach Hair!

Step 3 – Enjoy your just-got-off-the-beach locks!

other great Philip B. products:

Philip B: Crème of the Crop Finishing Creme

Taming to curls, and defining to wavy and straight hair. Philip B ® Crème of the Crop Hair Finishing Crème – Classic Formula defines a finished style with supple hold and shine. Silk Proteins, Hydrosoy 2000, and extracts of Carrot and Vanilla make PHILIP B ® Crème of the Crop Hair Finishing Crème – Classic Formula conditioning and calming, helping to manage unruly hair. A dab of this multi-purpose hair finishing and styling crème smoothes out frizz, calms down flyaways and shorts-out static! When applying, please, use a fine mix of imagination and common sense. (2.5 fl oz / 74 ml)

Philip B: African Shea Butter Shampoo

Fragrance-free, rich and velvety, yet kind and gentle, Philip B ® African Shea Butter Gentle & Conditioning Shampoo is a lightweight moisturizing blend of African Shea Butter, Hops, Nettle and Comfrey. Enriched with Panthenol (Vitamin B5), African Shea Butter delivers much-needed moisture to dry, parched hair to strengthen and restore elasticity preventing breakage. A kind formula, with a mild 5.5 pH, that is gentle enough to be used by the whole family. PHILIP B ® African Shea Butter Gentle & Conditioning Shampoo increases hair mangeability, moisture and shine. Safe for color-treated hair.

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Philip B Hair Restoration Treatment April 13, 2011

Posted by Thompson Alchemists in Skin & Hair Care.
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Philip B demonstrates how to restore hair with

Russian Amber Shampoo


Katira Hair Masque

Philip B® Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo and Conditioning Crème March 28, 2011

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Philip B Russian Amber Imperial shampoo & conditioner made with healing amino acids

Recognized as the best of the best by Vogue magazines internationally — and it’s unanimous! Russian Amber

The Amber Room was a tiny 11-foot-square jewel box with pannels crafted from amber, jasper, onyx and other semiprecious stones presented to Peter the Great the Russian Czar by the King of Prussia in 1716 as a symbol of their freindship. Afterwards Catherine the Great had a new generation of craftsmen expand on its existing beauty and by 1770 the room dazzled with gold, amber, mirrors and mosaics which all bathed in the warmth of over 500 candlelights. The original Amber Room was stolen at  the German invasion of the Soviet Union during Word War II and has been missing ever since the war ended.

But wait! Our very own Philip B. has been channeling “Indiana Jones” by spending time in the libraries of Berlin, researching and exploring the globe for the missing pieces of The Amber Room.  His travels have led him to discover the ancient secrets of amber. He’s managed to capture inside a bottle, a formula which contains warmth and earthiness in its scent with a rich honey-esque texture resembling extracted resin. Like a genie in a bottle, once opened the aroma of the amber will begin to fill your bathroom with the opulent golden warmth of the fossil itself.

This morning I turned my bathroom into the Amber Room when I decided to give Philip B® Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo and Conditioning Crème it’s fair chance at making an imprint on my hair washing history. The luxourious hair care combo is a perfect protector for colr-treated, damaged hair.   You’ll find, as I did, that a little goes a long way with this resin thick shampoo..a pinch will do. In fact, I call it the amber pinch. Massage it into wet hair  with your fingertips, and be amazed as the shampoo lathers, adding instant softness, leaving  your hair bouncing with health and vibrancy. All the while filling your bathroom with a beautiful exotic aroma. Rinse well and then enhance your treatment even further with Philip B. Russian Amber Imperial Conditioning Creme. This ultra-nourishing complex blends heavy-duty doses of healing L-Amino Acids with a Romanov-inspired blend of pure plant botanicals, including a touch of tantilizing Amber Oil. I like to comb it through and let the conditioning properties sink in before rinsing so that my hair is tangle free. The award winning potent and luxurious haircare combo will show a dramatic, noticeable improvment to all hair types.

Once agian Philip B. –  The Thompson Team thanks you for adding beauty to our lives.

Philip B Russian Amber Imperial is a ultra-nourishing hair treatment

Try Philip B Russian Amber Imperial shampoo & conditioner Specifically formulated to leave all hair types shiny, bouncy and gleaming with health

Great Russian Amber Products from Philip B.

Philip B: Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo 12oz

Philip B: Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo 3oz


Reconstructing shampoo rejuvenates and revitalizes all hair types, giving even chemically-damaged strands a dramatically youthful look, feel and radiance from the first use. The power-packed formula truly heals on all fronts: Eleven life-giving L-Amino acids at active strengths repair hair on a cellular level — quickly restoring its body, bounce and shine. An extraordinarily high dose of Panthenol (Vitamin B5) coupled with a catalyst, Phytantriol, sinks moisture deep into every strand. An artful, Russian-inspired blend of Chamomile, Grape Seed, Rosemary, Nettle, Burdock and Sage infuses hair with emollients for a healthy gleam-from-within. Protective Silk, Wheat and Soy Proteins increase elasticity and tensile strength. And Shea Butter imparts a finishing touch of weightless hydration for beautiful, long-lasting bounce and resilience.

Philip B: Russian Amber Imperial Conditioning Creme 6oz

Philip B: Russian Amber Imperial Conditioning Creme 3oz

Enhance and protect normal, color-treated and/or damaged hair with opulent, transformative Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Conditioning Crème.  Specifically formulated to leave all hair types shiny, bouncy and gleaming with health and vibrancy, this ultra-nourishing complex blends heavy-duty doses of healing L-Amino Acids with a Romanov-inspired blend of pure plant botanicals at clinical strength. All this, plus a tantalizing touch of Amber Oil makes Philip B® Russian Amber Imperial Conditioning Crème uniquely rich and reparative.


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